In The Heart Of Dickinson Texas

Dickinson Seafood

Dedicated to serving our customer delicious seafood for over 11 years

Serving Dickinson Texas Since 2007


Fried Seafood

Come try out a plate full of delicious Fried seafood combination plates! We offer different varieties of combos including Fried fish, shrimp, oyster, crawfish tails, stuffed crab and even frog legs!
Sides include french fries or rice, and a side salad!

Delicious Starters

Come in, grab a seat, order your drink and grab a starter to go with it! We have many different choices of starters that will get you warmed up for the main course!

Grilled Seafood

Not feeling like eating fried food today? Order a plate of delicious buttered and seasoned grilled seafood platters with a side of grilled vegetables and delicious dirty rice!

131 Farm to Market 517 Rd W, Dickinson, TX 77539


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